2012; A comet containing four golden cosmic bananas, shattered as it approached the Earth's atmosphere. The resulting explosion scattered the golden bananas, and sent them flying in four different directions as they made their fiery descent to the surface.

One towards South America, another to Africa, the third headed for Asia, and the last to Australia.

Legends speak of great powers granted to those whome obtain these heavenly bananas. Giving them the ability to control the land, and any creatures who reside there.
In South America, a group of primates found the first of the golden bananas. Not seeking wealth or influence, the primates swore to keep the banana safe from those who would use it's power for ill intentions.

However, unbeknownst to the other primates, the deceptive baboon had his own plans. He seized the golden banana and fled to the forest; there he used it's powers to control the animals, and used them to carry out his wicked deeds.

Upon learning of the baboon's deceit, the other primates became IR8!
The fate of the forest is now in your hands. It is up to you to help the IR8 Primates, to pursue the evil baboon, and take back the golden banana. Because should they fail, the peaceful jungle may never be the same...